Open bite and treatment in growing patient


The aim of this study is presenting a review about the open-bite treatment in the growing patient in order to assess the effectiveness of the early treatment in reducing open bite.

Introduction : Anterior open bite is a vertical malocclusion characterized by a deficiency in the normal vertical overlap between antagonist incisal edges when the posterior teeth are in occlusion.

Open bite has skeletal and dento-alveolar features; skeletal open bite is characterized by increased goniac angle and lower anterior facial height, increased posterior dento-alveolar height and short mandibular ramps. Sometimes there is also traversal discrepancy.

However, in most cases, the distinction is not clear since malocclusion presents both dental and skeletal components.

Dental open bite is the result of a mechanical blockage of the vertical development of the incisors and the alveolar component while skeletal relationships are normal.

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In addition there are some aesthetic feature like lip incompetence, high incisor vestibular inclination and profile convexity.

Many studies show that anterior open bite is a major cause of phonatory and masticatory function alterations and it can also be cause of psychological issues in the affected people.


° Dr. Maria Luisa Favale / University of Turin, Department of Surgical Science - Italy

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