Interceptive orthodontics - A short review

The term interceptive orthodontics used in this paper is defined as the prompt treatment of unfavorable features of a developing occlusion categorized as local factors, crowding and displacements of the mandible in closing from the rest position.

Interceptive orthodontics is defines as a – phase of science and art of orthodontics employed to recognize and eliminate the potential irregularities and malpositions in the developing dentofacial complex.

Guidance of the eruption and development of the primary and permanent dentitions is an integral part of the care of pediatric patients.

Such guidance should contribute to the development of a permanent dentition that is in a harmonious, functional and esthetically acceptable occlusion.

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This article aims to provide a simple guide to the correct diagnosis of anomalies and to choosing the most suitable treatment for each case.

Introduction : One of the main functions of the primary dentition is the maintenance of the arch length, so that the permanent dentition, which replaces have sufficient space to erupt.


° Research & Reviews: A Journal of Dentistry Volume 2, Issue 1, April, 2011, Pages 6-9.
° Dr. Srinivas. N.Ch
° Imagen : settimo.cl

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