Unusual extensive physiologic melanin pigmentation of the oral cavity: A clinical presentation

Oral medicine

Pigmented lesions are commonly found in the oral cavity. Oral pigmentations may be physiological or pathological in nature.

It may represent as a localized anomaly of limited significance or the presentation of potentially life threatening multisystem disease. Oral pigmentation has a multifactorial etiology.

Most of the oral pigmentations are physiologic. Evaluation of a patient with pigmented lesions should include a full medical and dental history, extraoral and intraoral examinations.

In this article, we report a case of extensive physiologic pigmentation of the oral cavity in a 12 year old female patient, posing a diagnostic challenge.

Introduction : The development of pigmented lesions in the oral region often gives rise to concern for both patients and doctors. The term "pigmentations of the oral mucosa" may be applied to a wide range of entities caused by the accumulations of one or more pigments and featuring a change in color of the tissues.

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Human mucosal epithelium is not uniformly colored and several degrees of chromatic variegations may be observed in physiologic and pathologic conditions.


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