A comprehensive guide to achieving the best results with 3M™ ESPE™ Prefabricated Crowns

Stainless-Steel Crown

3M ESPE Stainless Steel Crowns are designed to provide long-term coverage of primary molar teeth and long-term provisional coverage of permanent molar teeth.

Different designs of prefabricated metal crowns have been offered to the dental profession over the years ranging from straight sided “bucket” crowns to the anatomically shaped 3M ESPE stainless steel crowns available today.

3M ESPE stainless steel crowns have been designed to accurately duplicate the anatomy of primary and first permanent molars in a selection of sizes.

The crowns are manufactured with a life-like height, contour and occlusal surface. They are pre-crimped at the cervical margin to give good retention and a “snap” fit.

The realistic anatomical shape of a 3M ESPE stainless steel primary molar crown means that minimal adjustment is necessary to obtain good retention.

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There is good harmony with the patient’s occlusion and the smooth stainless steel alloy surface helps maintain gingival health and patient comfort.

The morphology of a primary molar differs significantly from that of a permanent molar tooth. The cervical areas of primary molars are narrower than their permanent counterparts, but the most bulbous part of the crown is at the cervical third.


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