Rare Case of Bilateral Gemination in Deciduous Teeth

Oral Medicine

Gemination in bilateral mandibular primary teeth is a rare anomaly. This kind of anomaly features two crowns totally or partially separated, but only one root and one root canal.

At intraoral clinical examination of children we found different anatomy of mandibular primary canines with two partially separated crowns. The radiographic exams showed geminated teeth.

After 3-years of follow-up, the cone beam computed tomography showed the absence of the mandibular permanent lateral incisors and the aspect of normality of the permanent canines germs.

Although the gemination in primary teeth itself is considered as a harmless anomaly, its presence could indicate the occurrence of some dental anomaly in the permanent dentition.

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To the best of our knowledge, this is the only case of bilateral mandibular geminated deciduous teeth after 3 years of follow-up.

Therefore, we highlight the importance of the early diagnosis and follow-up of this anomaly until the eruption of the permanent dentition.


° BARBÉRIO, G.S.; DA COSTA, S.V.; RIOS, D.; DE OLIVEIRA, T.M. & MACHADO, M.A.A.M. Rare case of bilateral gemination in deciduous teeth. Int. J. Morphol., 31(2):575-577, 2013

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