Gingival enlargement associated with acute Myelocytic Leukemia in a child : Case Report

Oral Medicine

This case report describes a 9 years old female who presented with gingival enñargement after wearing an orthodontic appliance.

The patient was diagnosed with acute myelocytic leukemia.

This case stresses the importance of taking a thorought medical history on all patients as well as recognizing oral manifestations of systemic condictions in pediatric patients.

It is imperative for the dental practitioner to consider the possibility of a nondental origin for oral signs and symptoms, complacency in diagnosis may breed serious consequences.

Gingival enlargement, for instance, is caused by myriad local and systemic factors.

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During patient evaluation, a thorough review of the patient´s medical history and family history should be performed before formulating differential diagnoses.

Leukemia is a hematological disorder that is caused by proliferating white blood cell-forming tissues, resulting in a marked increase in circulating immature or a abnormal white blood cells.


° Michael K. Sonick / Debby Hwang / Nima D. Samast / Rui Ma

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