An unusual presentation of oral mucocele in a young pediatric patient


Mucocele is a common condition of the minor salivary glands that is generally found on the lower lip. Although etiology is uncertain, mucocele are usually caused by local trauma.

Cases involving infants are rarely reported in the literature. The objective of this study is to report an unusual case of mucocele in the first year of life that was treated with surgical removal and postoperative follow-up.

This report illustrates the main features of clinical interest and discuss classification, differential diagnosis and the treatment approaches described in the literature.

INTRODUCTION : The term mucocele is used to denote the clinical manifestations of two different phenomena that affect the minor salivary glands: mucus extravasation cyst and mucus retention cyst 1-3.

Extravasation of mucus into underlying connective tissue is the result of rupture of an excretory gland of a minor salivary gland, caused by trauma or laceration.

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An inflammatory reaction is induced in adjacent tissues, in which neutrophil and macrophage defense cells predominate, creating granulation tissue surrounding the pooled mucus, isolating the lesion and giving it the appearance of a pseudocyst.

A recurrent characteristic is periodic reduction of the swelling due to rupture and partial release of fluid, soon followed by recurrent build up.


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° Simone Helena Ferreir / Daiane Fin / Paulo Floriani Kramer / Mariana Cezar Ilha / Tássia Silvana Borges / Henrique Castilhos Ruschel

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