Mucocele of the lower lip in a 1 year old child


Mucocele is a common oral lesion, but it is rarely observed in the infant.

The aim of this study is to present the case report of a 1 year old male patient, with a mucocele of the lower lip, describing the clinical characteristics and surgical treatment performed under local anesthesia with no recurrence observed after nine months follow-up, and also to show the histological features of this benign oral lesion.

INTRODUCTION: Mucocele is a common benign lesion of the oral mucosa that etymologically means a cavity filled with mucus (muco means mucus and coele means cavity), which is the secretory product of salivary glands.

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The mechanisms for the development of these lesions are two, mucus extravasation, generally regarded as being of traumatic origin, and mucus retention, resulting from obstruction of the duct of a minor or accessory gland.

The mucus extravasations phenomenon is ussually formed secondary to rupture of an excretory duct of a salivary gland, which leads to an outpouring of saliva into the surrounding tissues.

The resulting pool of glandular secretion is first surrounded by inflamamatory cells and later by reactive granulation tissue consisting of fibroblasts.


° Pediatric Dental Journal
° Janaina Merli Aldrigui / Patricia Eberson da Silva / Flávia Caló Aquino Xavier

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