Management of late dental trauma healing complications in primary teeth: a case report of 3 years follow-up

Dental Trauma

Injuries to primary dentition are among the most common traumas that occur in the maxillofacial region. Preschool children experience at least one injury to their primary teeth.

In the early years of life, the most common trauma cause related by children’s parents or guardians is a fall from the child’s own height.

Healing complications of trauma are usually described in primary teeth, and the most common pulpal healing complication is calcification followed by obliteration of the pulp of the injured tooth.

Pulp degeneration followed by necrosis is not always easy to diagnose early in primary teeth. However, its consequences can lead to acute clinical situations.

Furthermore, complications with the unerupted permanent teeth are frequently associated with trauma to their predecessors and usually depend on the developmental stage of permanent buds and their close relationship with the apex of the primary tooth at the moment of trauma occurrence.

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They also depend on the severity and direction of the trauma. The treatment for traumatic injuries to primary teeth should always take into account the possibility of damage to permanent successor.

The Internacional Association for Dental Traumatology define uncomplicated crown fracture as an enamel fracture or an enamel-dentin fracture that does not involve the pulp.


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