Versatility of Ribbond in pediatric dentistry - A series of case reports

Oral Rehabilitation

Ribbond is a biocompatible, esthetic material made from highstrength polyethylene fiber.

Lenowoven polyethylene ribbon (Ribbond) has been used successfully for tooth splinting, replacement of missing teeth, reinforcement of provisional acrylic resin fixed partial dentures, and orthodontic retention.

This article is an attempt to showcase the versatility and applicability of this wonderful material in day-to-day Pediatric dental practice.

INTRODUCTION : The evolution of adhesive dentistry has remarkably modified the concepts of traditional dentistry toward the minimal intervention approach.

In recent years, fiber-reinforced resin composites (FRCs) have gained popularity in dentistry.

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Polyethylene fiber (Ribbond) is a biocompatible, esthetic and bondable material with various clinical applications in dentistry.

It offers different solutions to many complex problems in restorative dentistry because of its two most important mechanical properties; its strength and stiffness.


° Nidhi Bhatia et al., Verstality of Ribbond In Pediatric Dentistry- A Series of Case Reports

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