Aesthetic Replacement For Missing Primary Teeth

Oral Rehabilitation

A Pediatric Dentist’s greatest restorative challenge is the esthetic rehabilitation of a pre-schooler, who has lost anterior tooth/teeth subsequent to early childhood caries or extensive dental trauma.

An anterior esthetic fixed or removable appliance is often the choice to replace lost tooth/teeth. Other important considerations replacing anterior teeth may include problems in speech and development of pernicious oral habits.

The options presently available have their own limitations like poor patient compliance or retention of the appliance.

Thus this paper discusses about modification of latest splint- it type of fiber reinforced composite (FRC) space maintainer with combination of orthodontic wires to aid in retention and longevity of the appliance.

Introduction : In the modern civilized, cosmetically conscious world, well contoured, and aligned teeth are the standards of beauty indicating nutritional health, self-esteem, economic status. Many treatment approaches have been proposed to address esthetics and retention of missing anterior primary teeth.

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Few studies have shown various appliance designs but scarce information is available to aid the clinician for an appropriate appliance design, retention and longevity.

Premature loss of primary teeth apart from being aesthetically unpleasing can cause oral habits, speech problems and also a lot of psychological implications on growing child.


° Dr. Jyothsna V Setty / Dr. Ila Srinivasan / Dr. Arihanth Bhandary

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