Space regainers in pediatric dentistry


Premature exfoliation or extraction of deciduous tooth or teeth can frequently lead to the development of malocclusion. Early orthodontic interventions are often in the beginning of developing dentition help to promote favorable developmental changes.

The term interceptive orthodontics includes timely management of hostile features of a developing occlusion.

Interceptive orthodontics is defi ned as a phase of science and art of orthodontics employed to recognize and eliminate the potential irregularities and malpositions in the developing dentofacial complex.

Guiding the erupting and developing deciduous and permanent teeth and developing occlusion forms an essential part of the preventive care of pediatric patients.

Such assistance will lead to the development of a permanent dentition in a harmonious, functional and esthetically acceptable occlusion.

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In 1998, Hoff ding and Kisling reported that premature loss of primary teeth caused space loss. As a result of space loss, the permanent tooth may remain impacted, or it may erupt buccally or lingually.

In the case of premature loss of primary second molars, the space closure is much more than premature loss of primary fi rst molar. In such circumstances, where there is space loss, routinely we require space regainer.


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