Preventive Orthodontics: Space Maintainers in the Early Loss of Deciduous Tooth - Clinical Case Report

Space Maintainers

The management and control of dental spaces are problems frequently found in Preventive Orthodontics.

The teeth eruption supervision and orientation is part of the treatment performed during the mixed dentition period, which may influence the eruption pattern and the position of the permanent teeth during their transition.

Space maintainers are devices used in cases of premature tooth loss to save space for the successor tooth.

The aim of the present study is to report a clinical case of a 6-year-old boy with the first right lower deciduous molar with extensive caries lesions and pulp involvement. In this case, the exodontia and insertion of a Band-Loop space was proposed.

After three months of clinical and radiographic evaluation, the results showed the excellent durability and resistance of the space maintainer.

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Favorable oral health conditions were also observed: absence of biofilm accumulation or gingival bleeding.

The conclusion indicates that the space maintainer, when well prescribed, assists the child in both functional and aesthetics aspects, by reducing future expenses in orthodontics.

The space maintainers prevent tooth movement and inclination, loss of space for permanent teeth, crowding and impaction. The Band-Loop space is an excellent treatment option for such cases.


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