Oral Mucosal Lesions in Children

Oral Medicine

Soft tissue lesions of the oral cavity are common in children, have various clinical presentations as colored lesions, mucosal ulceration or Nodular lesions and so.

Some are a symptomatic and some are symptomatic or even disturb the daily activities of the child. When evaluating soft tissue lesions, it is important to distinguish between findings that are normal and those that are indicative a pathological condition, and normal anatomical variations.

Most of adult oral soft tissue lesions may present in child oral cavity with predilection for some lesions. The literatures regarding oral mucosal lesions in children are relatively few.

The most common oral disease, found was caries in priority and cancer therapy–related mucosal disorders.

Introduction : As a result of usage of various diagnostic criteria, limited oral lesions included in the survey and absence of standardization, the prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in children is controversial.


A cross-sectional retrospective study was done by Alessandra Majorana et al. to evaluate the prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in 10,128 children aged 0-12 years in Italy .

Oral mucosal lesions were detected in 2,918 (28.9%) children. The most common lesions were oral candidiasis (28.4%), followed by traumatic lesions (17.8%), least common was erythema multiforme (0.9%). children with systemic diseases were significantly had frequent oral mucosal lesions in comparison with healthy children.


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° Sura Ali Ahmed Fuoad / Shishir Ram Shatty

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