Surgical excision of mucocele with local anesthesia in an 8-month-old baby


Mucoceles are common disorders of the minor salivary glands, occurring specially on the lower lip.

Their occurrence in newborn babies has rarely been reported.

In addition, the surgical removal of oral lesions in babies has often been performed with general anesthesia, which option is usually related to the patients' ages, irrespective of the lesion's size and the access to anatomic region where it is located.

The present report, however, details the treatment of a mucocele excision performed in an 8-month-old baby with local anesthesia.

This case illustrates well that knowledge of the lesion and dentist's experience in the attendance of babies is important, as often only conservative treatment with local anesthesia is required.

Therefore, clinicians and parents should be reassured that early surgical intervention under local anesthesia will provide a swift and satisfactory resolution to the problem.

Mucoceles are probably the most common disorders of the minor salivary glands, typically presenting as single bluish or translucent asymptomatic nodules, especially on the lower lip.

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They are fluctuant and movable because of their mucinous contents. The diameter may range from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.

If left without intervention, episodic decreases and increases in size may be observed, corresponding to rupture and subsequent mucin production.

The majority of mucoceles are extravasation type in which there is pooling of mucus in the connective tissue presumably arising from trauma to a salivary duct.


Odontologia Clínico-Científica
Carla Vecchione Gurgel / Natalino Lourenço Neto / Dafna Geller-Palti / Vivien Thiemy Sakai / Thaís Marchini de Oliveira / Maria Aparecida de Andrade Moreira Machado

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