Fixed functional space maintainer for a child with severe ECC - A case report

Space Maintainer

Esthetic rehabilitation and space maintenance of a young toddler with multiple tooth loss subsequent to early childhood caries is a major challenge for the pediatric dentist.

Premature loss of primary anterior teeth causes psychological, functional and esthetic disturbances, which have negative impact on the child’s behavior, while premature loss of posterior teeth causes space loss and later on may result in malocclusion.

This case report describes the management of Severe ECC with a fixed functional space maintainer.

Introduction : Esthetic rehabilitation and space maintenance of a young child with multiple tooth loss subsequent to EEC is a major challenge and when associated with the bottle feeding habit, affects the primary maxillary anterior teeth first, followed by the involvement of the primary molars.

The extent of carious involvement in the maxillary incisors is almost always extreme, and by the time child reports to dentist, much of anterior clinical crowns are lost.

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Then, the esthetic replacement for lost primary anterior teeth becomes mandatory in providing positive psychological impact. This case report illustrates an interim fixed functional space maintainer appliance for badly decayed primary maxillary incisors and molars.

Case Report : A five year old boy reported to the Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Bhojia Dental College and Hospital with chief complaint of decayed upper front and lower back teeth.


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° Mahak Aggarwal / Avninder Kaur / Shivesh Acharya / Vaibhav Munjal

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