Esthetic anterior fixed functional space maintainer

Oral Rehabilitation

Traumatic dental injury is one of the main causes of premature loss of maxillary anterior teeth in schoolgoing children, causing psychological trauma both to patient as well as parents.

In that situation, choice of treatment is maintaining the space by space maintainer which may be fixed/removable or functional/nonfunctional.

This article describes rehabilitation of a 4½-year-old child after avulsion of the maxillary central incisor, using fixed functional anterior esthetic space maintainer.

Introduction : Apart from early childhood caries, traumatic dental injury is one of the main reasons for premature loss of primary maxillary anterior teeth in schoolgoing children.

The greatest challenge in our specialty is to rehabilitate these patients esthetically and functionally to compensate the psychological impact of both the patients and parents.

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Parental desire is one of the main decisive factors for treating these types of clinical situations. Different types of appliance have been developed to manage the space in case of early loss of a primary maxillary anterior tooth.

The choice can be either a removable or a fixed one, which can be functional or nonfunctional. The selection of the appliance depends on a number of factors including the child's stage of dental development, dental arch involved, tooth missing, and status of the teeth adjacent to the lost tooth.


Diptangshu Garai / Chiranjit Ghosh / Pradip Kumar Mandal / Sudipta Kar

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