Dental Advice : How to Help Children With Fear of the Dentist

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Parents and dentists each play an important role in making a child's first dental appointment a positive experience.

Any anxiety displayed by parents will be "picked up" by the child. And, an unfriendly dentist can cause unnecessary fear in the child.

To help children conquer their fears of the dentist, encourage them to discuss their feelings with the dentist.

Keep in mind that it is perfectly normal for children to be fearful - some are afraid of being separated from their parents; others are afraid of the unknown; others are afraid of being injured.

A dentist who treats children will know how to cope with your child's fears and anxiety and put them at ease.

If your dentist does not take steps to ease your child's fears, consider finding another dentist.

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It is important that your child has a positive experience at the dentist during their early years so that he or she does not develop an ongoing fear of oral health care providers.

Help your child overcome fear of the dentist with help from a dentist in this free video on dental advice.

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