Space maintainers application, indication and complications

Pediatric Dentistry

Under normal physiological conditions, the child loses his primary teeth and they are replaced by well-fitting normal teeth.

However, the dentation may be disrupted due to certain pathological conditions such as teeth caries, trauma, abnormal resorption, or systemic diseases leading to premature loss of dentition.

This results in migration of the existing teeth and loss of arch space which subsequently lead to impairment of the normal configuration of the newly developing permanent teeth.

The most common impairment in permanent dentition configuration include crowing, supra-eruption of the opposing dentition, and impaction.

To avoid these dental conditions, a space maintainer is indicated to keep an adequate space for the newly developing teeth to erupt and exfoliate naturally in a well-aligned position.

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Under normal physiological condition, the primitive teeth are considered the normal space maintainers for the permanent teeth to exfoliate.

In conditions where the primitive teeth are prematurely lost, an artificial space maintainer is necessary for normal exfoliation of normal teeth.

In this article, types and application of space maintainers will be reviewed, and the indications and complications will be discussed.


°International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health
°Mohammed Albati / Riham Showlag / Alaa Akili / Halah Hanafiyyah / Hanadi AlNashri / Waad Aladwani / Ghaida Alfarsi / Mashael Alharbi / Abdulrahman Almutairi

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