The Stainless-Steel Crown for Primary Molars . Overuse? No, I say underuse

Stainless-Steel Crown

The stainless-steel crown is an important restorative tool in caring for the oral health of children.

Although our focus in providing the best oral health care for children is clearly on prevention, unfortunately there are many children who do not seek or obtain oral health preventive care at an early enough age to prevent what can be devastating disease at an early stage of their lives.

All who care for children’s oral health see many cases of early childhood caries present at the first visit to a dentist.

Children as young as 18 months present to pediatric dental centers all over the country each day with severe early childhood caries in need of treatment to avert progression of significant infection.

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Further, some children initially present with disease only after the infection has spread beyond the teeth causing facial swelling and a potentially life-threatening condition.

These children often need to be hospitalized, placed on intravenous antibiotics and must have an incision and drainage performed, along with extraction of the offending tooth, to avoid a dangerous situation.


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° by Joel Berg, DDS, MS

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