Natal teeth: Case report and review of literature

Natal teeth

The presence of teeth at birth or within a month post-delivery is a rare condition.

A newborn, a 2 days old female, with two mandibular incisor natal teeth was examined. The teeth were mobile and were extracted because of the fear of aspiration and refusal to feed.

The purpose of this report is to review the literature related to natal teeth epidemiology and discuss their possible etiology and treatment.

INTRODUCTION : The presence of teeth in newborns is uncommon, varying from 1:6000 to 1:800 cases, occurring in general with incidences of two or three teeth.

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One of the major events in a baby's first year of life is the eruption of the first tooth. The eruption of the baby's first tooth will bring immense joy to the parents. It is associated with lots of emotions.

If a tooth is found at the time of birth or too early, it leads to a plethora of reactions, which are combined with a lot of misconceptions.


Roopa S. Rao and Sudha V Mathad

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