Do children need filling of milk tooth?

Oral Hygiene

Milk teeth in children start erupting from about 6 months of age up to about 6 years or 7 years of age.

After which they start falling off till about 12 years of age, this is General pattern but there can be c a little variation of about 1 year in this pattern.

This evidence could have an important implication for women and babies' heath since simple improvement of dental hygiene may help to reduce the incidence of unknown complications in pregnancy and newborn babies.

A misconception among parents is that since milk teeth are going to fall off why fill them.

Now milk teeth are like normal teeth which can cause severe pain and infection in a child and child may suffer.

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Filling of milk teeth is as important as filling of permanent teeth because of the infection and pain progress the child suffers and lead to fever also and subsequently to as-2 going for root canal treatment.

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