PHARMACOLOGY : Antibiotic prophylaxis in pediatric odontology


Most orofacial infections are of odontogenic origin, and are of a self-limiting nature, characterized by spontaneous drainage.

The causal bacteria are generally saprophytes. On the other hand, invasive dental interventions give rise to transient bacteremia.

When an oral lesion is contaminated by extrinsic bacteria, the required antibiotic treatment should be provided as soon as possible.

In the case of pulpitis, such treatment is usually not indicated if the infection only reaches the pulp tissue or the immediately adjacent tissues.

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In the event of dental avulsion, local antibiotic application is advised, in addition to the provision of systemic antibiotics.

The dental professional must know the severity of the infection and the general condition of the child in order to decide referral to a medical center.


Paloma Planells del Pozo / Mª José Barra Soto / Eva Santa Eulalia Troisfontaines

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