Pediatric Crowns : From stainless steel to zirconia

Pediatric Crowns

In the past, extraction was the primary course of treatmen for extensivel decayed primary teeth.

However, with the ability to save primary teeth with large carious lesions, the pulpotomy; and restorations were modalities used.

In addition, crowns were considered a viable alternative to extraction, and more importantly, were recognized as the best mediator in prevention of restorative failure when compared to direct restorations.

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Primary teeth hace been effectively treated with crowns for development defects; after pulpal therapy, for fractured teeth; for restoring "multisurface caries, and for patients at high caries risk", in teeth where a direct restoration (i.e., amalgam, glass ionomer, compsite) is likely to fail; For teeth with extensive wear; and as abutments for space mainteners among others.


°Written by Ian Shuman
°Image : Dr. Dane Hoang - NuSmile

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