Orthodontic treatment needs in mixed dentition

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

Need to establish an orthodontic treatment in children is increased, varying according to the literature between a quarter and a third of this population group members.

In many cases the development of dentomaxillary anomalies can be early detected, since temporary or mixed dentition, but many doctors assess subjects in orthodontic terms only after completion of dental permutation.

Thus they refuse an interceptive treatment to such patients, which performed correctly can reduce on the one hand the risk of developing major dental mismatch, severe malocclusions or some facial asymmetries (the potential of skeletal growth modification is higher at younger ages); on the other hand it reduces the need for complex or lengthy orthodontic treatments, providing a more stable therapeutic results.

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The interception of malocclusions promotes a better oral health care and decreases the risk of dental caries.

There were described several indices able to identify people who need orthodontic treatment and to minimize the subjectivity related to the diagnosis.


Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation
Anne-Marie Rauten / Catrinel Georgescu / M.R. Popescu / Camelia Fiera Maglaviceanu / Dora Popescu / Dorin Gheorghe / A. Camen / Cristina Munteanu / Madalina Olteanu

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