When do kids need to go to the orthodontist?


Previously orthodontic treatment was carried out on children in their teenage years.

Today, however, many children start orthodontic treatment at a much younger age.

There are also large numbers of adults receiving orthodontic treatment.

At what age do you consider braces?

Traditional “train-track” braces are fitted to a child’s adult teeth and are used to move, realign and/or rotate a tooth or teeth into the correct position.

This is why you'll usually see children 10 years and older wearing these types of braces. However, crowded/crooked/skew adult teeth usually manifest because of a space shortage and/or a problem with jaw growth and/or jaw relationships.

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This can usually be identified in young children, even before many of their adult teeth start coming through.

The big shift in orthodontics has been to check children at a much younger age, identify these issues earlier and intervene before the arrival of the adult teeth.

In many cases, early intervention can provide future adult teeth with all the space they need and the child may not have to wear conventional braces at all.


Dr Simon Reeves

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