ORAL HEALTH : Your baby’s first teeth

First Teeth

Is your child feeling irritable and cranky and you cannot figure out the reason? Is he refusing to eat?

Is saliva drooling from his mouth and is also experiencing a mild temperature and a loose tummy? The chances are he/she is teething.

It’s a process when baby teeth (milk teeth) sequentially erupt through gums. Even though it is a physiological / natural process, it is usually an uncomfortable period for both the parents and the babies.

Teeth start developing while the baby is still in the womb but can erupt one at a time or break through over period of months. Most babies sprout their teeth when they are 5-7 months old. There is no exact time and pattern of how teeth will erupt and has no effect on health of a child.

Signs and symptoms usually vary among different children. These symptoms may usually begin about 3-5 days before the tooth shows and disappear as soon as the tooth breaks out.

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It’s a common understanding that babies having high fever around the eruption age or rashes around the mouth is due to teething, but at this age kids are losing maternal antibody protection to herpes virus.

Hence, any such viral illnesses should be kept in mind and clinical signs and symptoms should be kept under a check.


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° By Dr. Mugdha Gulati Motani

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