Oral Health in Special Children

Tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss are chronic health conditions which if left untreated require extensive dental treatment for rehabilitation.

Hence, it is paramount to maintain a healthy mouth for a healthy living.

Research proves that proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist can prevent many dental diseases.

In 2001, it was reported that over 21 million people in India were suffering from one or the other kind of disability and this constitutes about 2.1% of the population of the country.

According to United Nations Enable, around 10% of the world’s population lives with disabilities.

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The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) emphasizes equal rights to good health and well-being even for persons with disability.

Children with special healthcare needs have poor oral hygiene attributed to underlying disability, reduced manual dexterity, or sometimes as a side effect of certain medications and require special care.


By Dr. Anveeta Agarwal

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