Is Your Child A Mouth Breather?

Have you noticed your children regularly breathe through her mouth during sleep, or even during the day?

We usually do not pay heed to this habit and mouth breathing in children is usually ignored.

Mouth breathing has been a concern among health care professionals because it can affect the long-term development of the face.

Children normally breathe through their mouth when they have a cold but chronic and regular mouth breathing leads to abnormal facial growth and dental development.

It also leads to poor sleep due to obstructed upper airways, and this sleep can adversely affect their growth and academic performance.

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What causes mouth breathing?

• Allergic Rhinitis: Caused by allergies with dust mites, animal dander, grasses and pollens.

• Intra nasal defects, a common example is a Deviated Nasal Septum where it is difficult to breathe through the nose...


By Dr. Anveeta Agarwal, BDS, MDS
Consultant Oral Pathologist, Associate Dental Surgeon
Specialist at Dantah

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