Developmental Disturbance of an Unerupted Permanent Incisor Due to Trauma to Its Predecessor

Developmental disturbances of permanent teeth can result from trauma to primary teeth because of the proximity of the root of the primary teeth to their permanent successors.

We describe the case of a 14-month-old boy who was referred to the baby clinic of the School of Dentistry, Universidad Estadual Paulista, Araçatuba, Brazil, after sustaining a severe trauma that led to intrusion of the right primary central incisor.

Radiographic examination 4 years after the trauma showed a developing morphological change in the germ of the permanent successor.

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On eruption of the permanent central incisor, a crown malformation along with enamel hypoplasia was observed.

We conclude that radiographic follow-up is indicated after trauma to monitor possible sequelae in the permanent successors even before their eruption.


Alessandra Cristina Gomes, DDS, MSc / Leciana Paula De Angelis Messias, DDS / Alberto Carlos Botazzo Delbem, DDS / Robson Frederico Cunha, DDS

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