ORTHODONTIC and pediatric dental treatment approach in patient with multiple dental anomalies

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

The purpose of this clinical case report is to discuss the approach to oral rehabilitation of a patient with severe dental alterations such as enamel hypoplasia, change in shape, supernumerary tooth, dental ankylosis, agnesia and crowing in the incisor region.

All of these problems compromised not only the esthetical and functional aspects of this patient, but his social relationships as well.

Thus integrated planning between Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics made it possible to provide the best treatment alternative to recover the patient’s stomatognathic system.

Esthetic restorations were performed in the anterior tooth region with the use of resin composites, in addition to the use of removable orthodontic appliances, associated with serial extractions and supernumerary tooth removal.

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There were signifcant improvements in the esthetic and functional aspects of dentition, in addition to the patient demonstrating good evolution in his psychosocial condition, as he smiled and was more communicative during each follow-up appointment, also according to his mother’s reports.


Ricardo Alves SOUZA / Alberic Costa CARVALHO / Larissa Passos BARRETTO / Francisco Xavier Paranhos Coêlho SIMÕES

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