Management of Pigmented Gingiva in Child Patient

Gingival health in the form of size, shape, consistency and appearance are essential components responsible for an attractive smile as well as may cause unpleasant appearance.

Melanin pigmentation often occurs in the gingiva as a result of an abnormal deposition of melanin which can compromise the confidence level from the age of childhood.

The present article describes and discusses the two cases of gingival melanin pigmentation in 12 and 13 years of female patient and their early surgical intervention with successful follow-up of 9 and 6 months.

Patients were instructed to prevent sun exposure, intake of hot foods or beverages like cold drinks, tea, coffee and brushing immediately after surgery.

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Gingival pigmentation occurs as diffuse purplish discoloration or as irregularly shaped brown or light brown patches.

This pigmentation may be seen across all the races,1at any age and it is without gender predilection.


Rakesh Namdeoraoji Bahadure / Parul Singh / Eesha Jain / Heena Khurana / Gautam Badole

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