Home care of children crucial after ORAL SEDATION

Sedation often helps children who need dental treatment by keeping them safe and calm during the procedure.

Oral sedatives are commonly used, but their effects can be unpredictable.

The level of consciousness while the patient is sedated can vary depending on the drug and the patient, so the dental practitioner must be aware of each patient’s sedation level at all times.

The effects can also vary once the patient is discharged, so the caregiver must watch the child closely.

A study reported in the current issue of the journal Anesthesia Progress investigated the adverse effects of oral sedation that occurred once young patients left the dental office.

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The authors used the observations of dental practitioners and the children’s caregivers to find the most common lingering effects of oral sedatives and the best ways to care for patients who had been sedated.

For this study, 51 children who needed dental treatment were given some form of oral sedation. More than 75% of the study’s subjects were given a drug combination that included morphine.


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