ORAL HEALTH : Gums Bleeding While Pregnant?


If you thought nothing could be more unrelated than your dental health and your pregnancy, you could be in for a most unpleasant surprise.

When you found out you were pregnant, you were probably prepared for the usual: morning sickness, frequent urination, and backache.

Unfortunately, there's plenty of sh*t the books just don't tell you about. That's why it's time we talk about your gums bleeding when you're pregnant.

Excuse me? What? Yep. I can tell you from experience that bleeding gums are one of the most unexpected of all the pregnancy pains and discomforts.

I pride myself on my oral hygiene. I dutifully visit the dentist twice a year, and before I delivered my daughter I'd never had a cavity in my permanent teeth (baby girl changed that by apparently leeching the calcium out of my teeth so, you know, thanks kid).

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So you can imagine my displeasure when, during my second trimester (which is apparently when this garbage usually rears its ugly head), my usual brushing resulted in blood in my bathroom sink.

You better believe I gave it a serious "what the hell?" followed by a Google. When you're pregnant, bleeding of any kind isn't only unpleasant, it's scary. And, no, it doesn't matter where that bleeding is coming from.


By Kimmie Fink

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