DENTAL EMERGENCY : Traumatic Dental Injuries: Examination, Diagnosis, and Immediate Care

Dental Emergency

It is well documented that the majority of traumatic dental injuries occur in children.

Thus, in a Swedish study, 83% of all individuals with acute dental trauma were younger than 20 years of age.

Injuries to primary or permanent teeth can appear rather severe, particularly when associated with trauma to supporting tissues.

The situation is distressing for both the child and parents.

It is important that the dentist and the other members of the dental team are well prepared to meet the many complex and challenging problems in the care of dental emergencies.

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The dental team must:

· Be aware of and understand the anxiety of both children and parents.

· Reduce the stress and anxiety by remaining calm and reassuring.

· Educate and train all members of the team treating traumatic dental injuries to possess adequate knowledge and skills to make an accurate diagnosis, and to perform appropriate and prompt emergency treatment.

· Reduce pain as much as possible. Always consider the use of local anesthetics analgesics and conscious sedation.


Eva Fejerskov Lauridsen, Simon Storgård Jensen, and Jens O. Andreasen

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