Radiographic Exam for the Pregnant Dental Patient

Dental radiography is a controversial area in the management of the pregnant patient.

In pamphlets widely supported by most dental professional organizations, no alteration of recommendation was given for prescribing radiographs to a pregnant patient, as the amount of radiation given during standard dental radiographic examination is so trivial that it could not cause gross anatomic malformations in the developing fetus.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends every precaution should be taken to minimize radiation exposure to the pregnant patient.

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The National Commission of Radiation Protection (NCRP) reports that production of congenital defects is negligible from fetal exposures of 50 mSv.

Yet, in a questionnaire study of 552 dentists, almost all saw pregnancy as contradictory for bitewing radiographs, thus showing the need for clinician education using evidencebased dentistry.


Dental Tribune
By Alexandre Khairallah BDS. PGD, DESS. FEADMFR

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