Total Oral Rehabilitation of an Autistic Child

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) also known as Kanner’s autism, early infantile autism or childhood autism was first described by an American child psychologist Leo Kanner.

Autism is a lifelong severe organic disorder characterized by abnormalities in the brain, specifically the cerebellum and limbic systems.

Meanwhile some investigators expand the nature of autism considering it to be a multisystem metabolic disorder and not merely a brain disorder.

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This is a complex behavioral disorder which comprises of a wide varied of symptoms, defined by deficits in communication, social interaction and empathy along with unusual restricted repetitive behavior.

It generally manifests in the first three years and the prevalence estimates range from 2-6 per 1000 children and is four times more common in males as compared to females.

Females are more likely to exhibit mental retardation. Dental management of an autistic child requires in detail understanding of the background of the disorder and the various behavioral guidance therapies.

The dental professional should be flexible to modify the treatment needs and approaches according to the individual patient need.

In this case report, we present our experience in delivering comprehensive dental management under general anaesthesia to a child with autism.


°Anil Patil / Anand Shigli / Saakshi Rane / Mahesh Sale

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