ORAL REHABILITATION : The advent of the primary prefabricated zirconia crown. Clincal Case

If you are a general dentist who cares for children, you are the rule rather than the exception.

In 2016, the number of dentists in the United States was 196,441.1 Of these, 155,102 were general practitioners and 7,337 were pediatric dentists.

Given that the majority of children are treated in family practices, it is imperative that general dentists remain current with advancing pediatric dental technology.

From preventive modalities to restorative materials, pediatric dentistry has seen significant innovations in recent years. In my opinion, one of the most revolutionary changes is the advent of the primary prefabricated zirconia crown.

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Increasingly, parents and children are demanding better esthetic restorations. These demands are described in a study by Peretz and Ram, while another study by Zimmerman et al. documents changing parental attitudes toward pediatric restorative materials.

As these studies and clinical experience have shown, the demand for improved esthetic restorative dentistry for children is here. General dentists have the ability to supply that demand with the latest esthetic materials such as primary prefabricated zirconia crowns.

These crowns are made of excellent material, and when combined with proper technique, they give dentists the ability to restore anterior and posterior carious dentition both functionally and esthetically.


°The advent of the primary prefabricated zirconia crown
°Carla Cohn, DMD

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