ORAL HYGIENE : How To Brush Your baby’s or toddler’s teeth

The concept of brushing your baby’s teeth might seem odd. He or she might only have a few teeth or maybe none at all!

However, no matter how many teeth you have and even in the early stages of life, bacteria will find a way into the mouth and can cause decay.

Teething usually starts between 4 and 7 months. Even before you see any teeth it’s best to clean your baby’s mouth by wiping the gums with a soft cloth twice a day.

This will help remove bacteria and get both you and your baby used to ‘teeth’ cleaning. As soon as the first tooth comes through it’s time for brushing.

The easiest way to do this is to place your baby in a secure position such as in your lap, on a bed, or on a change table.

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Support the head from behind by gently wrapping an arm around and cupping the chin, while gently opening the mouth.

Using a soft children’s toothbrush, gently brush each tooth and massage the gum using a soft, circular motion.

You won’t need any toothpaste until about 18 months so just use a bit of cold water.


°How To Brush Your baby’s or toddler’s teeth

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