Can be oral breathing causing attention deficit and poor school performance?

The attention deficit and poor school performance in school-age children can be associated with respiratory problems, primarily to the mouth breathing problems, was analyzed some works related to student performance and the buccal respiratory syndrome, concluding that low school performance can have a direct relationship with the mouth breathing, affecting mainly the lower social stratum. 

One of the concerns of parents with their children at the time of students is school performance, sometimes teachers say parents "your child does not care classes", "the child should pay more attention to his duties" "the child has poor performance, should do more" and many other observations when performance is below the level of the course.


One of the observations of medical pediatricians regarding the decrease in size of growth and famished body of some children, focuses on the mouth breathing are often referred to the specialist for your consultation, but rarely the referral is to the dentist or orthodontist, specialist physician, can rule out respiratory problems in the upper tract that can affect the mouth breathing and is the right person to diagnose and treat these problems , the mouth breathing, also known as "mouth breathing syndrome", either by blockage or by habit, it can produce serious alterations that affect the child both aesthetic, functional, as mentally, but this is not corrected only removed obstructions or treating allergic States, we must return to the nasal route breathing normal function and this part goes to the pediatric dentist and orthodontist.

The literature reveals numerous investigations from the psychiatric or psychological standpoint in children with poor school performance or attention deficit; numerous questionnaires was elaborated to determine the problems in these children, questions such as: do have difficulty addressing the details during schoolwork or other activities?. he makes errors by mistake?, do he have trouble focusing and sustaining attention in tasks or games?, He gets distracted easily by any stimulus?, does seem to not hear what is said you?, do he have difficulty to plan and organize their tasks? They targeted a deficit of attention, averages d problem professional notes in relation to the majority of the course can tell us if your child has poor school performance relative to peers, but all of these studies must be complemented with a medical-dental test to determine if the child has nasal respiratory deficit.

Is considered normal breathing when air enters freely through the nose with a simultaneously closing of the oral cavity, air circulates from the nostrils into our lungs, while the mouth creates a negative pressure between the tongue and the hard palate at the moment of inspiration, the tongue rises and is projected against the palate This pressure creates a positive stimulus for the development of the palate and dental arches and therefore best facial development.

°Can be oral breathing causing attention deficit and poor school performance?
°Quiros, Oscar - Orthodontist

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