ORAL REHABILITATION : Stainless steel crown prep on a primary molar

Stainless steel crown

For many years stainless steel crowns have been a significant part of the restorative armamentarium in paediatric dentistry.

By definition they are prefabricated crown forms that are adapted to individual teeth and cemented with a biocompatible luting agent.

If some logical sequences of steps in tooth preparation and crown adaptation are followed it is a relatively simple restorative treatment modality to employ.

The principal indications for their use is in those primary and permanent teeth that are either hypocalcified or that have multiple and extensive carious lesions and whose pulps have been removed.

As a result stainless steel crowns continue to be the restoration of choice for compromised primary molar teeth although they are not aesthetically pleasing.

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The eventual exfoliation of primary teeth ensures that aesthetics will ultimately be restored while the integrity of the dentition is maintained through its mixed dentition stage of development.

In the case of permanent molar teeth, stainless steel crowns are a useful semi-permanent restoration that can be used until the tooth fully erupts and more permanent and aesthetic coronal restorations can be selected.

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