Pediatric oral RANULA: Clinical study


Oral ranulas are cystic lesions located on the floor of the mouth that arise from obstruction of the excretory duct of the sublingual gland.

This causes an accumulation of mucoid material, leading to a well-circumscribed swelling in the oral mucosa of the floor of the mouth.

Oral ranula is an infrequent pathology, appearing more frequently in children. A review of articles published on oral ranula between 2000 and 2009, found only 12 series, of which eight were specific to the pediatric population.

The largest series corresponded to Chidzonga et al who analyzed 61 oral ranulas in children younger than 10 years.

Some authors discuss ranulas in the general population and other authors have published isolated clinical cases.

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It was therefore interesting to analyze oral ranulas in a large sample of pediatric patients of the Oral and Maxi-llofacial Surgery Department of the La Fe University Children’s Hospital, Valencia.

The aim is to analyze the clinical characteristics, treatment and outcome of oral ranulas in pediatric patients


°Cristina Bonet-Coloma / Ignacio Minguez-Martinez / Amparo Aloy-Prósper / Sonnica Galán-Gil / Mary Peñarrocha-Diago / Juan-Manuel Mínguez-Sanz