Getting a tooth pulled for children - Why do you need your tooth pulled?

You have a loose tooth that just won’t come out. One of your teeth has a cavity that cannot be filled or repaired. 

There is not enough room for the tooth and it would otherwise make all of the other teeth crooked.


Why does it feel like? It is like when someone gives you a nice strong handshake and shakes your hand up and down just that it is your tooth that is getting shaken.

How does your tooth get pulled? First the tooth gets some “sleepy drops”, this makes the tooth tired so it doesn’t even realize that it’s getting a pulled. 

The dentist’s fingers aren’t strong enough, so they use metal “fingers” to wiggle the tooth loose. Sometimes this makes a noise like when you are eating potato chips. 

Once the tooth is wiggled out, you get a bandage in your mouth for about 10 minutes. If you ask your dentist, you can take you tooth home with you. Who knows, maybe the tooth fairy will come and visit 

Youtube / Dentavid.com

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