ENDODONTICS : Is root canal treatment required in milk teeth?

Especially for baby teeth parents think that if the tooth is going to fall off why do we need a root canal treatment.

We do root canal treatment when the decay usually effects the enamel crosses the enamel goes to the dentin from the dentin to the inner nerve or the pulp of the tooth at thus stage we really can't get off the with just doing the filling in the tooth that's when the nerve of the tooth is treated.

So during the root canal treatment we do remove the nerve of the tooth and filling material is placed inside the root and a tooth colored cap is placed on top to restore the tooth.

If the child is very young we do need to keep it till 12-13 years, that tooth is going to last them long and exfoliate at the right time, that in turn effecting the permanent tooth erupt normally.

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Hence it is very important to do a root canal treatment if it is needed in a primary teeth and also if left untreated it can lead to causing of an abases, bone loss underneath that can cause severe pain and infection in the tooth.

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