DENTAL TRAUMA : Treatment options for broken down permanent teeth in the mixed dentition

Dental Trauma

Management of cariously involved and traumatized permanent teeth in the mixed dentition depends on many factors.

This article will seek to identify the factors involved in the treatment planning of permanent dentition that require root canal therapy due to trauma or caries.

Immature permanent dentition requiring endodontic intervention can be researched by following the lifetime work of Jens Ove Andreasen or by reading the landmark research of Mejare Cvek and are beyond the scope of this review.

Of principal concern in the management is the mean time to permanent restoration.

In general, the permanent restoration is desired after full growth of the individual. Individual growth can be measured by taking a hand wrist film or two consecutive cephalometric radiographs that confirm no further dental growth is seen.


When considering a candidate for dental restoration, the first step is to determine the etiology of the disease. If dental caries is determined to be the primary cause of necessary endodontic intervention, the individual and guardian must be educated about the etiology of dental decay.

Dietary modification, oral hygiene instruction, and topical or systemic flouride therapy where indicated are necessary in the further prevention of the disease. Sealant therapy on at-risk teeth should be treatment planned.

Orthodontic considerations that impede proper hygiene and serve as food entrapment should be considered as well.


°Dismay with kid decay: treatment options for broken down permanent teeth in the mixed dentition
°By Joseph F. DiBernardo, DDS, and Doreen Toskos, DMD

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