DENTAL EMERGENCY : Primary Tooth Injury and Emergency Extraction

Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is basically any situation occurring where the child has an injury or possible infection of the tooth, mouth, or jaw.

Severe swelling, trauma, or visible injuries are all examples of what could be potential issues.

Often young children have accidents and may chip or lose a baby tooth. Since baby teeth are not permanent, the doctor will likely evaluate for other injury and allow the permanent tooth to erupt.

If your child loses a permanent tooth, try to carefully pick it up by the top part of the tooth and do not disturb any roots that could be attached.

Clean the tooth with whole milk and try to make it to the dentist quickly so the likelihood of the tooth being re-implanted is greater.

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Growing up, most of us have had one or more of these myofunctional problems, which may have been the cause of incorrect dental and facial development.

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