DENTAL TRAUMA : A story of dental injury and orthodontics

Traumatic Dental Injuries (TDI) are a serious public dental health problem throughout the world. 

About 10.3% of patients seeking orthodontic treatment have suffered from dental trauma. 

Maxillary incisors are the most vulnerable teeth to TDI, with increased overjet and incompetent lip coverage considered to be the most significant predisposing factors. 


Indeed, traumatized incisors can impose challenges to orthodontists during orthodontic treatment. 

Early orthodontic intervention can however help prevent TDI of maxillary incisors. 

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This article will discuss the epidemiology and etiology of TDI, early stage orthodontic prevention of TDI, dental trauma problems present during orthodontic treatment and how to manage cases with traumatized teeth in orthodontics. 

Yunlong Kang, Christopher Stephen Franco

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