DENTAL TRAUMA : Post-traumatic impaction of maxillary incisors: diagnosis and treatment

Trauma to oral and facial structures is a significant problem that may have serious medical, esthetic and psychologic consequences on both children and their parents. 

Studies have shown that approximately 30% of all children under the age of 7 years experience injuries to ≥ 1 of their primary incisors and that most serious injuries to primary teeth occur between the ages of 1 and 3 years. 


This high incidence is related to the passage to the upright posture, the early stages of walking, a lack of motor coordination and the unconsciousness of the child. 

The majority of the trauma occurs as a result of fall accidents at home or during sporting activities. 
According to gender, boys were injured more frequently in all age than girls (2) and owing to their exposed position in the dental arch, the upper central incisors are the teeth most commonly affected by traumatic injury in both primary and permanent dentition. 


Valeria Paoloni, DDS, Chiara Pavoni, DDS, Manuela Mucedero, DDS, Patrizio Bollero, DDS, PhD, Giuseppina Laganà, DDS, and Paola Cozza, MD, DDS, MS

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