CLINICAL CASES : Crown-Root Fractures in Primary Teeth

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

Crown-root fractures involve enamel, dentin and cement.

These are not usually found in primary dentition, and approximately 2% of all types of traumatic dental injures (TDI).

Frequently, this kind of dental trauma spreads to the subgingival or intraosseous level, which complicates the establishment of the extent and direction of fracture lines, even with the assistance of radiographic examination.

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The difficulty of tooth maintenance and periodontal health require an interdisciplinary approach to enable the appropriate treatment of this type of TDI.

Crown-root fractures in primary teeth are singular events with wide variations of fracture patterns and that making the correct diagnosis and treatment plan can be complex.

In addition, there have been very few reports regarding this type of trauma and studies that describe the best approaches for each situation are necessary to enable dentists to make the best treatment decision.

Therefore, the aim of the present study was to present a case series of crown-root fractures in primary teeth of patients who were followed-up until the eruption of permanent successor teeth.


Fuente : scielo.br
Autores : Vanessa Polina Pereira da Costa , Luisa Jardim Correa Oliveira , Denise Paiva Rosa , Mariana Gonzalez Cademartori , Dione Dias Torriani(in memoriam)

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